CLIN1 HL7 Tools and Custom Interfaces

Do you really have the time to manage a "generic" HL7 Engine? Read the manual before you answer.

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HealthCare Software Should Be Robust and Easy to Use
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Ready for AUTO12 Labeling?

Need Help with ICD9 to ICD10 Conversion?

Want to implement IQCP?

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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



Medication Identification

What's that pill?

Our medication "markings" database will help you determine exactly what a medication is when all you have to go on is a "a little yellow pill with an R on it". Just answer a few simple questions and we'll generate a list of "likely candidates" and show you a picture for confirmation.

Click Here and let us know if you would like additional information.

The Test Version is operational at the following address:

The full subscription version is still in testing.

Patient Education

Medication specific

Medication specific Patient Ed materials as well as dosing information, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, lactation/pregnancy warnings, side-effects and medication illustrations (pill pictures) and identification tools built in.

HL7 Interfaces


Receives Admit/Discharge/Transfer information from registration or financials; Transmits medication dose charges; Transmits orders to Pyxis or Omnicell dispensers; Receives dose administration messages from Pyxis or Omnicell.

Medication Administration Worksheets

For non-automated dispensing

Keeps nursing staff from having to manually generate MARs from scratch.

Repackaging Tools

Generates barcoded blister pack labels

If you have to repackage unit-dose medications, we can print appropriate labels and Pharmacist Repackage Review Logs.

Scan Original Paper Order

Pharmacist Med Order Review

Integrates with our Scanning and Document Management to allow comparison of original paper order to electronic medication order.

HL7 Diagnosis, Tools and Interfaces

...Fast, Efficient and Simple

Our HL7 Interfaces:

  • Decrease "data entry" burden
  • Decrease the number of typgraphical errors
  • Automate and speed communications
  • Has a lower cost of ownership than "middle ware"
  • We can configure routines for YOUR Database Schema

Aren't you tired of typing or writing the same information over and over again? Do you really want to manage another piece of "middle ware"?

Pre-built HL7 Interface Solutions

We have many pre-written engines for many clinical scenarios involving many of the major players in the Healthcare Software marketplace.

  • HL7 Laboratory Orders
  • HL7 Radiology/Imaging Orders
  • PACS Communications
  • Pharmacy and Medication Orders
  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)
  • Continuity of Care Records (CCR)
  • HL7 Charge Communications
  • HL7 Scheduled Events
  • HL7 Admit, Dischart and Transfer (ADT)
  • HL7 Medication Administration Record (MAR)

NOTE: We do not sell or provide copies of the HL7 Specifications. You can purchase those from

Better Quality Assurance

Anything that is measured improves

We give you the software tools to measure and monitor your interface operation and performance. Your operation and processes cannot help but get better and more efficient.

HL7 Technical Support and HL7 Interface Implementation

Already have an HL7 Interface, but it's driving you crazy? Tired of the finger pointing? We've worked with scores of vendor interfaces and have years of experience trouble-shooting interface issues and providing liason between IT and HL7 interface vendors. If you need help, call us.

We're not consultants! If we can't help you, we'll tell you so. If we can help you, we'll guarantee our performance.