Histology Information System

We've been providing the most robust and flexible Laboratory Information Systems for years. Now, we're bringing those same capabilities to Pathology and Histology sample processing. CLIN1 Histology and Pathology Information System is now available for purchase or lease. Utilizing our standard SQL Database infrastructure allows access to all of our report delivery mechanisms (Auto-Fax Engine, Auto PDF Generator, HL7 Interfaces, Web Portal, etc). You've never had this many options for result tracking and chartable report generation before.

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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!




Tailored Chartable Report Formatting

We realize that your sample report is the "end product" of your Pathology/History Laboratory and is a reflection on your operation. We include a tailored report format to help present your facility in the best and most professional manner possible.

Your tailored report will be propagated across our various delivery systems, including Web Portal, PDF, EMail, and Fax Delivery Systems.

As your services evolve and change with technology, additional tailored reports can be added at any time for a small fee.

For statistical and summary reports, you may use any of several common report generation tools to create your own specialized reports.


You Need More Than a "Garden Variety" LIS

Specialized Billing and Charge Features

Billing and Charge Capture for Histology and Pathology are more complicated than the services of regular Clinical Laboratories. You need a system that allows you the flexibility to add or change charges to fit the sample complexity and level of service being provided. CLIN1-LIS with Histology and Pathology options provide the ability to track multiple "Reviewers" and to tailor the charge code mix for each and every individual sample.


Inclusion of Images on Reports

Our tailored Histology and Pathology reports allow for the inclusion of 1 or more images (photomicrographs, photographs, etc) into your chartable report. The number of images presented on each report can vary from 1 to the maximum (specific to YOUR format).


Extensive HL7 Interface Capabilities

Unlike other "bare-bones" systems, our HL7 Interfaces are sophisticated applications that are capable of passing binary images to an appropriate EHR (Electronic Health Record) or HIE (Health Information Exchange). This means that information contained in your beautiful tailored report WILL be delivered to your clients efficiently, reliably and completely.


Specialized Statistical Reports

We've incorporated specialized statistical and laboratory management reports specific to Histology and Pathology sample processing.
  • Sales Representative tracking by client facility.
  • CPT Charge Codes by Pathologist or Final Reviewer.
  • Sample Reviewer Counts by Individual Reviewer.