Toxicology Information System

We've been providing the most robust and flexible Laboratory Information Systems for years. Now, we're bringing those same capabilities to Toxicology sample processing. CLIN1 Toxicology Information System is now available for purchase or lease. Utilizing our standard SQL Database infrastructure allows access to all of our report delivery mechanisms (Auto-Fax Engine, Auto PDF Generator, HL7 Interfaces, Web Portal, etc). You've never had this many options for result tracking and chartable report generation before.

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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



CLIN1-LIS Knows Tox!

Toxicology Sample Handling

Toxicology Laboratories have special needs when it comes to sample handling. CLIN1-LIS with Toxicology enhancements can address those requirements, whether your analysing pre-employment, DOT, Pain Therapy or Rehabilitation Facility samples. Let us help you remove bottle-necks and productivity road-blocks and bring your sample through-put up to 100%. Samples that fail QA can remain in the workflow (but on HOLD) so that your operations can continue uninterrupted. After QA issues are resolved and the HOLD removed, reports are distruted automatically, without further special handling. This capability saves huge amounts of personnel time and imporoves your services to your clients.

Interfaces Available to Improve Throughput

Whether you just do screening assays, confirmatory assays or a full compliment of both, we have work-flow, handling, interfaces, review/release routines and statistical routines to help ease the daily grind thru a heavy sample workload. We interface to all of the common screening analyzers AND confirmatory analyzers (HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, etc). Not all laboratory systems can interface with common toxicology cnfirmatory analyzers. Make sure you ask!

Add a Web Portal for Order Entry and Report Delivery

Our Toxicology Solutions can include a full function Web Portal which includes Order Entry, Client Education/Notification, Report Access and Batch HL7 Result downloads. Also, gives your clients the ability to order supplies on-line, review sample QA and TNP (Test Not Performed) status, as well as sample analysis status.

Sample Kit Tracking

Do you provide sample collection kits to your clients? We can help track how many kits were sent out to the client facility and how many have been received. That can help you track overhead and related expenses, which is a key part of improving profitability.

Medication Correlation Rules

We support definition of medication correlation rules and can utilize them to flag both positive and negative results as "consistent" or "inconsistent" with current prescribed medications.

Client Specific Drug Panels

Our CLIN1 Toxicology Solution allows for the creation of "Default" Client Specific Drug Panels. This greatly improves the accessioning step and helps relieve one of the common bottle-necks in sample handling. When combined with our Web Portal functionality, we can improve processing times even further.

Beautiful, Functional, and Readable Reports

Have a special report format that your clients really like (or would if your current LIS could generate it)? We can create a custom report to fit just about any specification or requirement. If you can define it, we can either generate it or come very very VERY close. Need help designing a report? We've been generating customized reports for over 20 years. We probably have some suggestions that could help.


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